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The Fancy – Written By Mercedes Keyes

Pubblicato da il 28 Maggio 2014 in Cultura | 0 commenti

It started in grammar school. Instead of paying attention to my English teacher or my History teacher, my mind was off in another world of my making. One thing I’ve always had is an imagination. More than like due to the time I spent alone as a little girl. Back in that day, we didn’t have gadgets


Why Second Life?

Pubblicato da il 26 Maggio 2014 in Svago | 0 commenti

A few people in my real life have noticed that I go into SecondLife – an alternative world for those needing a safe escape. They wonder why someone like me needs to even go to such extreme? Isn’t that kind of childish? A bit of a time waster?


Eat Right for YOUR blood type!

Pubblicato da il 21 Maggio 2014 in Salute | 0 commenti

In order for me to maintain good health and energy, I have to also maintain a strong protein diet. Unfortunately for me, eating several types of fruits and vegetables during the day keeps me hungry and makes me weak.


Screening of Belle 2013

Pubblicato da il 16 Maggio 2014 in Cultura | 0 commenti

The two hour wait wasn’t that bad. I talked to various ones there to get a feel for why they were there? I mean, the few black viewers, mixed couples and their daughters – it was obvious. But we were outnumbered by white and I wanted


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