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Eat Right for YOUR blood type!

Eat Right for YOUR blood type!

December 1st a few years back – I started out of the gate…

In order for me to maintain good health and energy, I have to also maintain a strong protein diet. Unfortunately for me, eating several types of fruits and vegetables during the day keeps me hungry and makes me weak. They slow down my weight loss, and I don’t feel satisfied. I end up eating more, and turning to breads, grains, pasta – my ABSOLUTE enemies in ANY PORTION. My body cannot function correctly with the latter. In America, when I found the Zone diet, which is basically, going back to basics of eating – it stated this valid important truth – if you cannot trace the source of your food back ONE STEP to it’s original source – DO NOT EAT IT!!!
Majority of the food aisles in grocery stores should be taken out. You know, the aisles with boxed cereals, instant cereals, breakfast bars, quick snacks. Canned cooked foods, all a waste, any processed foods, frozen processed dinners – all garbage! That’s right – GARBAGE – I stand by that! A healthy O+ way of eating is protein and green vegetables and dark berries! While in the United States, I turned over to this way of eating and the weight literally melted off of me in no time flat during my pregnancy – baby years and it stayed off. Yes, I did my exercises, on an Elliptical for 45 minutes putting myself through it or as an alternative, 45 minute aerobic work out. I ate the following in whatever combination I could conjure or wanted to – twice a day. Or, on busy out and about days, I graze on nuts and dried Jerky for the day, or blue berries, black berries, dark cherries, dark plums – with berries always DARK and ate nothing else and was very satisfied. I ate the following from one day or another, the variety of REAL food to eat is plentiful. Condiments: Real Lard for cooking, butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauces – Tabasco best! Vinegar, A1 Steak sauces Fruits: Blueberries, blackberries, Very dark plums, dark cherries Dairy: Eggs, Cheese, Butter for cooking, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese Fresh Vegetables: Fresh – raw or cooked Greens – ie; Mustard, Collard, Turnip, Kale, Green Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Savoy Cabbage, Spinach, Cilantro, Roman Lettuce, Garlic, Onions, any kind of Peppers, Ginger Meats: (Beef) – any kind of steak or roasts, (Pork ) – Bacon, Sausage, Ham, hocks, Salt Pork, Smoked whatever I want, Ribs – other meats Lamb, Goose, Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Dried Jerky – (Deer) Venison – Buffalo Fish: Cat Fish, Bass, Cod, Trout, Whiting, Orange Roughy, Hokie, Other Proteins: Pinto beans, Black eye peas, Kidney beans, Lima beans, Lentils, Small white beans, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Cashews -(Excellent for Depression). Vitamins: -(Not from Walmart or Walgreens)- Go to Eniva – – or a really good health food store – do not buy grocery store vitamins! Krill for Omega’s 3 & 6 – a must to add to your diet Minerals: Magnesium, Zinc, B-complex -or- Excellent multiple daily if you’re older and have been on aspirin and pain killers for a while, you need Vitamin K – especially if you bruise easily, suffer from nose bleeds, and slow clotting from cut injuries. Vitamins C – goes without saying why you need this. Vegetable Juicing: Daily or every other day with very fresh following; Cucumber, Beets, Carrots, Celery, Parsley, Spinach, Red and Yellow bell peppers, Tomatoes, iceberg or Romaine lettuce. The above satisfied me, kept me from being hungry and the weight melted off! Notice that it’s all real food! Notice also that I didn’t cut the fat! Know why? Because the body uses REAL FAT – it absolutely needs it. Your skin, your hair, your joints, your BRAIN, your body needs fat! If you don’t eat the junk, you won’t put on any weight. The body will take the proteins, enzymes, fats and use every bit of it. What it doesn’t, will come out in your stool. The foods above and exercise had me on-top of the game, feeling great, full of energy, in a good mood, thinking fast, focused, high levels of concentration often with as little as 5 to 6 hours sleep, never needed anymore – I woke up – wide awake and ready to get out of bed immediately – get to whatever idea woke me. Then – I met my second husband, went to England where the food and access to certain foods is totally different. Majority of the food I was used to having at my side in America, I could not get in England – unless you live by a major market and butcher – which we did not! The entire culture change and lifestyle difference threw me off of my routine, broke my rhythm and before I knew it, I was eating things I knew I shouldn’t, because I simply couldn’t get the things I ate at home to keep me on track, as I had been in America due to all the food differences. I’d been there 7 years and went down hill and it took a while to get myself back on track. I had gained too much weight those 5 years of the first 7 there. The first two, I fought and tried different things to stay on track, but – slowly, I started losing control entirely, and the weight came on. UGH! There I was, after all those years, having to learn alternatives, having to find what I could, and accept what I couldn’t find. Everything was different there, more costly, not as large, nor as good in some cases, you wouldn’t think that would be the case where the Queen is – but I speak from experience, it’s not the same.
Foods that I cannot eat? Breads of any kind! This means no cornbread, corn flour meals of any kind whatsoever! And sadly, this list is the weight problem with most black Americans. We love our breads, corn bread -(Jiffy)-, pies, cakes, rolls, donuts, pancakes, french toast, you name it, but it does not like us! Wheat in any form! Pasta of any kind! No Potatoes No Bananas No Grapes No Cereals of any kind. To much of the above is apart of the everyday English staple, especially potatoes, chips, (they call Krisps), deep battered fried fish, cans of baked beans, terrible sausage with rusk fillers, and other things I won’t mention. I had a huge battle because of what I had access to as an alternative, and the costs of those choices – but I had to do it, because I had not been the same since the change.
My health had really deteriorated. Books I strongly suggest. “Eat right for your bloodtype” & “Cook right for your bloodtype” They are excellent books and help you to get on the road to recovery and building a better you! Amazon Links: Eat right For your bloodtype & Cook right for your bloodtypeWell as I said, December 1st I started out of the gate, and now I’m back in America and the old me is stepping clear of all the mess I left in England – hooray!


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