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Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You

Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You

Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You

Posted by Salvatore Tribastone on May 18, 2013 –

The article by Delos Cosgrove has highlighted three major diseases that cause death and disability with high cost of human lives and resources for society.

The title of the article is ‘Three Diseases That Should Frighten You’ and this is the link:

The first consideration that I do about this article is full agreement on the three diseases mentioned by Cosgrove: type 2 diabetes, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and their serious complications.

My second remark concerns the cause of the increase of these pathologies. Maybe we should be more afraid of the causes of the disease rather than the disease itself. If we look carefully many illnesses have a common cause that can be attributed to three factors: obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity. We need to fight the root causes. How many of these conditions cause serious and disabling pathologies? Obesity, smoking and physical inactivity are diseases and we must treat them as you treat a disease: with a therapy. The effort of preventive medicine should be directed to to the eradication, or at least, the reduction of these lifestyle habits that cause illness.

Over recent years we have witnessed the improvement of results in acute myocardial infarction for the social and medical awareness on this topic. The establishment of Task Forces has led to the knowledge and early treatment of MI, with tangible results.

Along the same organizational guidelines, Governments and Medical Associations, should focus their efforts on these three subjects to overcome: obesity, smoking, reduction of physical activity.

Maybe we should change the original title to ‘Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You‘.

via Social4Med – – Blog View – Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You.


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  1. I completely agree! There is so much mis-information out there – deliberately misleading people in some instances about what is truly healthy and what is not. So many lies – and these are mostly perpetuated by the Pharmaceutical industry. Drug dealers with a serious need for SICK people – thus – the misinformation. I respect surgeons because they are NEEDED in emergency situations. However, there is a branch of medicine that is purely sadistic with a focus primarily on bad health.

    There is FOOD/MEDICINE – which requires time, planning and preparation – which leads to a healthy lifestyle/ And then there is the SLOW POISONS disguised as food. It’s cheap, easy – quick to grab and prepare and ready to consume at a moments notice. Filled with artificial sweeteners, sugar, MSG, GMOs, food colorings and dyes – with terrible effects on the body. America is RIFE with these substitutes for food. If one consumes them daily it’s hard to find the energy to MOVE, to exercise. Thus, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and the urgent need for Cardiac Surgeons once the heart begins to fail.

    Wake up people – take back your lives and stop letting industries feed you. The creator made us and the best food possible to keep us living long, healthy and happy. Consumed raw or steamed or quick heated – it will not fail you. YOU must take the TIME to eat right and your life will gain more TIME for quality living – disease free!

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