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Why Second Life?

Why Second Life?

Why Second Life?

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A few people in my real life have noticed that I go into SecondLife – an alternative world for those needing a safe escape. They wonder why someone like me needs to even go to such extreme? Isn’t that kind of childish? A bit of a time waster? Hmmm – I wouldn’t call it an extreme, childish or a time waster I assure you it’s anything but – okay, let me tell you a few things about it.

Basically it’s a safe form of entertainment for the following.

  • Busy people
  • The elderly or infirm
  • People wanting SAFE fun
  • Professionals
  • Business minded and looking for extra
  • Adventure seekers with limited funds
  • Single persons looking for distant partners – no ties
  • Lonely people who can’t leave home – but wish to…

It allows for enjoyment and relaxation – you meet new and wonderful people – some will become your friends. With them, or alone you get to escape the real world from time to time. Also, there is room for business opportunities – it all depends on your imagination and creativity. It might surprise you the type of people you’ll find wondering about the various lands and islands in Second Life.

Business executives, Realtors, Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Performers, Djs, Artist of various kinds, Designers of homes and fashion, retirees – the list goes on. If what you enjoy can be found in the real world, it can also be found in Second Life – difference is – no danger! No gasoline needed, no tickets, no risks of violence, no need of a full wallent! LOL – however, having said that – in Second Life you must be cautious and use decernment for online security – because even there could be someone looking to run a scam on you. ANYONE can have a SL account and wonder in among the crowd – so stick with what you know and offer nothing in this world you wouldn’t offer in the real.

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Second Life has been on the news, in court rooms, and on prime-time TV for negative and positive reasons. If you’re married in real life, don’t forget it in SL – it can be a blessing and bring joy back to a lackluster life, for you and your spouse, or – if used wrong, can be a utility to destroy a happy home. It is in truth in your hands. My suggestion? Have fun – good, clean wholesome fun or use it to grow your own business from home. In either case – it is truly a second life – kind of like – a second chance. There is so much to explore, see, experience and be apart of. Even meeting the opposite sex if you’re FREE to do so – to have fun with, site see with, dance, date and marry – yes, you can even marry in SL. As for me, it allows me the chance to change my custom made avatar into many forms or persona’s. Ever dream or wish you could be something, or someone, or somewhere other than where you are? Here’s your chance. Here was my chance. And the clothes – oh my! A woman’s dream – to be able to literally shop and no worries of dropping because it’s all from the comfort of your favorite chare – at home and often, from work depending the computer you have access to there.

SL MKeyes For the Ball

The SL marketplace is filled to bursting with all that you can imagine to purchase in Linden dollars. For instance, $10.30 RL dollars converts into $2500.00 Linden dollars – imagine the spending you can do with that and have a great time at it! Shopping is such a joy – gowns, suits, costumes, so glamorous – elegant and enchanting. A ball anyone? Truly you will end up with more than you will ever wear! Hats, gloves, jeans, boots, shoes, sandals, and hair! Yes, hairstyles galore. No beauty shop needed with hours sitting in the chair, not in second life! Just locate any number of styles to your taste and pop one on after another until you’re happy with your look.

SL MKeyes relaxing with swans

That’s not all, did I mention homes that you can buy and own? Shops for your merchandise if you are a vendor. Clubs where you become a member to dance and socialize in, whatever your favorite music genre. Jazz, Country line dancing, hip hop, R & B, Celtic – you name it, it’s in SL. Dance alone or grab that special someone to dance the night away with you. This is possible because SL avatars are animated. You animate them, you direct them to walk, run, dance, fly, pose, sit, flip, smile, laugh, read, write and uh yeah – even make love in private intimate places. Like I said, it’s your “Second Life”. When I’m in there I dress in a different outfit daily, as I write in RL – I do the same in SL. I dance to wonderful music streamed in, yes, you can do that as well – whatever your favorite music may be – let it play as you work.

Once you sign up – you can do so with a free account or a premium account, it’s up to you. Premium accounts come with your own home. You have a nice selection to choose from. Your shopping can be done on-line at the marketplace with this url – – once you’re logged in, hit the above button “shopping” Lmbo – yeah, most women will spot that immediately! Hahaha! Anyway, you can do this at leisure while on line or while you are directly in SL. I prefer shopping on-line in the marketplace through my day to break of the monotony of writing. Once my purchases are made, they’ll be delivered for me directly to my inventory – which will be waiting for me when I login to the actual game SL – talk about excellent delivery service! winking smiley face Yes, so once you make your purchases all of your buys go directly into your inventory to un-box and then wear or they are sometimes already delivered unboxed. So you see, the possibilities are indeed endless. Meet people from all over the world, or bring in your own friends – that’s even more fun as you explore and learn together.

Second Life – is a game like no other – and filled with entertainment you will find enjoyable and addicting!

Hope to see you there!

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